This section of the symposium brings together a selection of speakers who consider how we as humans relate to the land, to non-human animals, and to consumption – and how all of these things have been shaped by legacies of slavery. Spaces in the city are scrutinised for the traces they hold of these legacies, from the government archives to the Company’s Gardens; a cooking demonstration is streamed live from a home in the Bo-Kaap and powerfully conveys the role of food in heritage, care-giving and community-building; whilst contemporary businesses such as wine farms are revealed as places in which these legacies are still prevalent.

Zayaan Khan

Zayaan Khan works in understanding the nuances in our navigations of land (and sea) from an interdisciplinary perspective. Firmly rooted in a socio-political context, Zayaan works at unhinging our dependence on neoliberal consumption through storytelling, her work is based on interdisciplinary praxis, both as practitioner and facilitator.

Watch Zayaan Khan’s session

Read Zayaan’s poem, Swallowed by Sea, composed for the Uncovering symposium

Dr Susan Levine

Susan Levine is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Head of Anthropology at The University of Cape Town in South Africa. Her areas of interest include medical and visual anthropology with an emerging new focus in Health Humanities and the Arts. Susan’s research includes work on children’s work in South Africa’s wine industry, decolonial pedagogies in higher education, toxic landscapes and childhood poisoning, HIV/AIDS and the militarization of COVID-19 globally.  Her books include Medicine and the Politics of Knowledge (HSRC Press 2021); Children of A Bitter Harvest (HSRC Press 2013) and At The Foot of the Volcano: Reflections on Teaching at a South African University (HSRC Press 2018). If interested, you can check out Susan’s MOOC called ‘Medicine and the Arts’, which is free on Future Learn.

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Fayruza Abrahams

Fayruza is a well-travelled, passionate, food enthusiast and successful entrepreneur. Her aim is to share her love for cooking, her heritage, and food culture with as many people as possible. She hosts 5 Food Experiences including a unique, Cape Malay Fine Dining extravaganza, as well as an online cooking class. She works with and is affiliated with travel operators and companies across the world which has resulted in her classes being extremely popular on social media, television and film. Fayruza is currently writing a second cookbook and lives with her family in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town.

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Doctor Carine Zaayman

Carine Zaayman is an artist, curator and scholar committed to critical engagement with colonial archives and collections, specifically those holding strands of Khoekhoe pasts. Bringing intangible and neglected histories into view is a key motivation for her work. Her research aims to contribute to a radical reconsideration of colonial archives and museum collections, especially by assisting in finding ways to release their hold over our imaginations when we narrate the past, as well as how we might shape futures from it.

She obtained PhD in Fine Art from the University of Cape Town in 2019 and worked as a senior lecturer for its Michaelis School of Fine Art and the Centre for Curating the Archive until then. At present, Zaayman is a postdoctoral fellow at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, as a team member in the Worlding Public Cultures project.

Watch the panel discussion with Zayaan, Susan and Fayruza, chaired by Dr Carine Zaayman