‘Under Cover of Darkness’ team present at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 6 April 2021

On 6 April, the Under Cover of Darkness curatorial team presented their project as part of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s CLUE+ webinar series, Black Lives Past and Present.

Dr Carine Zaayman presented the Under Cover of Darkness exhibition and discussed the curatorial strategies employed in this show. Jade Nair and Nina Liebenberg presented the Uncovering: Women’s Invisible Labour in the Cape symposium and discussed their methodology and the legacy of servitude in the city of Cape Town.

The full webinar can be viewed here

Infecting the City, 28 May 2021

Toni Giselle Stuart ‘s ‘A Litany for Homegoing’, written in response to the Under Cover of Darkness exhibition, formed part of the Infecting the City festival 2021. As pedestrians walked down Spin Street, or across Church Square, they could hear the poetic audio installation played from the Slave Lodge.

From Africa: Re-thinking Slavery, Geography, and Personhood event, 29 January 2021

Under Cover of Darkness curator, Dr Carine Zaayman, joins the From Africa: Re-thinking Slavery, Geography, and Personhood closed expert meeting

‘China renamed Rosa – From childhood sold five times’, 9 December 2020

In support of ‘16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence’, Iziko Museums highlighted the lives of the 12 women featured in Under Cover of Darkness, on exhibition at the Iziko Slave Lodge.

A review of Slavery at the Rijksmuseum, 9 July 2021

Dr Carine Zaayman reviews the Slavery exhibition staged at the Rijksmuseum. This exhibition features the Oranje Zicht Slave Bell, that was displayed as part of the Under Cover of Darkness exhibition.

Under Cover of Darkness features in Crispian Olver’s book, ‘A House Divided’, 17 October 2019 (launch)

In his book, which takes the 2018 Cape Town water crisis as its point of departure, Olver uncovers a pandora’s box of backstabbing, in-fighting and backroom deals within the Democratic Alliance. On pages 30 to 33 of the publication, he discusses the history of slavery in the city, and uses a visit to the Under Cover of Darkness exhibition and an interview with its curator, to illustrate how the weight of this history still bears heavily on the city in the present day.

Extract: “Slaves were denied any recognition of rights and even humanity, and instead treated as property that could be disposed of or sold on their owner’s whim. This was graphically brought home to me by a moving exhibition about women slaves in the Cape, called ‘Under Cover of Darkness’, in September 2018. As I walked around the exhibition, fittingly housed in the old Slave Lodge at the top of Adderley Street, I was chilled to the bone reading about the lives of women whose humanity had been stripped from them.”

New additions to the Under Cover of Darkness project team, 13 January 2021

The Centre for Curating the Archive’s Nina Liebenberg and Jade Nair have joined the Under Cover of Darkness curatorial team. They are working alongside curator, Dr Carine Zaayman, and exhibition producer, Josie Grindrod, to extend the scope of the project.

The Understudied History of Enslaved Women in Colonial Cape Town, 29 August 2019

Hyperallergic’s Susan Silas reviews Under Cover of Darkness